Monday, May 14, 2012

How To Prevent Menopause Skin Problems

Hot flashes and hormones gone haywire - most women know about these more common menopausal concerns. But what about skin changes? The latest article by, Prevent Menopause Symptoms Now: 6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin, reveals ways that women -- whether they're 25 or 45 -- can make changes in their skincare regimens to stay a step ahead of menopause.
Skin type changes throughout the life cycle, even before menopause, and often changes with the seasons or if women travel to other climates. Preparing for hormonal changes during menopause means that women should have a good understanding of their skin, whether it's dry and dehydrated or oily and acne-prone. As skin types fluctuate, how can women be prepared to make the right changes in their daily regimens?

Once a woman understands her skin type, it's time to develop a skin care routine that nourishes the skin and arms it against the symptoms of menopause later on. A good regimen should start with cleansing gently so as not to irritate the skin, and follow with a toner to wipe away surface toxins and tighten pores. And finally, a good moisturizer and exfoliating product will ensure that the skin stays sufficiently hydrated. What types of products are suited for each particular skin type?

Beyond products and basic routines, lifestyle corrections can make a big difference in how the skin ages. With age, the skin isn't able to recover as well from those bad habits like poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking and drinking. Good lifestyle choices now will make the skin more resilient later on. What types of positive lifestyle changes should women start to make now for great skin later on? T 
Find answers to all these questions and much more on preparing skin now for skin changes that happen during menopause, including how to develop a skin-healthy diet and when to see a dermatologist, at

Got dry or rough skin from face to feet? Or a combo complexion with dehydrated cheeks and an oily T-zone that still doesn't get smooth or soft no matter what? A variety of culprits are to blame for bone-dry skin. Environmental elements like chilly, windy weather and UV rays can dry out the skin. So can the many things associated with summer like salt water and chlorine. Skin also naturally gets drier with age. Thankfully, even though it might sound like skin has many moisture-zapping culprits to contend with, there are simple and effective ways to help skin retain moisture. Here are 11 of the easiest and most effective for getting hydrated and supple skin all more.

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