Tuesday, May 8, 2012

‘Change Her Mind’… and she can age with Substance and Style!

Reaching mid-life is a time of change, a change that seems to literally happen overnight.  ‘One morning she wakes and as she looks in the mirror without any warning she sees someone she does not recognize looking back at her’.   Time is continual in movement and one thing that is absolutely certain is that change is inevitable.  People change, fashion changes, trends change and seasons change.  And just like the seasons a woman moving through the stages of menopause must regularly ‘change her clothes’ to cater for the various moods and temperatures that occur from within.  It is important for a woman 40+ to exercise behavioural flexibility and be willing to make the necessary changes in order to embrace the new and exciting things that can evolve through the various stages of this change.

Think Young… Feel Younger… and have a Youthful Vitality?
Is it possible to age gracefully and keep a ‘youthfulness of energy’ and a ‘youngness of attitude’? 

Do women really want to hold on to the innocence of youth or do they want to celebrate the wisdom of experience that can bring with it the freedom to just BE?
Women want the ‘vitality of youth’ and the ‘mind-set of age’.  They want to be able to have the freedom to be, do and have whatever they want! And not be bogged down or limited by pain, fear, frustration, wrinkles and an unfit, flabby saggy body.
Too many women become complacent and accepting of the ill-health symptoms of ageing. They live lives of quiet desperation with a mind full of limiting beliefs and fears. It is important for all women to only accept what is for the good of them and to accept anything less is compromising not only the heart but an entire life. 

It saddens me to see all too often women living in this state of mediocrity and pain simply because they are afraid of change.  Fear is not reality it is only a thought in the minds of those who do not realize their full potential and greatness.  Fear can be a gift because with fear a woman is able to grow… and yes, the symptoms of ageing require change if beauty, balance and harmony are to be reached.  It is in expanding the boundaries of thinking to see the possibilities and potential that relief and growth can be realized and obtained… change the mind and the body can follow!
When a woman begins her journey through the stages of menopause she can lose her ‘natural flow’ and this interruption must be recognized for what it is so this ‘natural flow’ can be ‘reset’.  It is not a disease, an illness or a lifelong sentence… it is a stage… a phase… a time for personal growth and self-awareness. 

Aging is a wondrous journey of joy and celebration and as ‘she looks in the mirror and sees a face that shows the signs of ageing’ she want to be able smile at the reflection looking back at her and love the lines for what they represent… her life up till now! 

Although a woman 40+ must say goodbye to being ‘young’… thinking young is one of the secrets to staying youthful.  The ‘rules’ to success are simple and like any goal in life there is a plan and a system to follow.  It takes a little knowledge, a little effort and someone to be accountable to.  This is one of the strategies to ultimate success because relieving menopause symptoms is a step by step… week by week process that requires dedication and discipline… and it starts by breaking through all negative belief barriers. 
Recognized by some as a ‘woman’s second blooming’ it is in learning how to do it differently, that can help relieve the negative side-effects to ageing to create a new happy and healthy balance.

1.       Find amazement with things and bring out the ‘child’ inside sometimes...
2.       Feel passion and excitement and develop interests that give great pleasure…
4.       Focus on the effort of ‘doing ‘and be around people that believe in you and people     who challenge you…
5.       Develop a sense of humour and do things that make you laugh…
6.       Have courage… one courageous act leads to another, it creates a courageous
7.       Build successful relationships. 

“People are like candles, not useful until they are lit.  When one discovers their purpose they are illuminated.  Their light shines wherever they go” Lisa Jimenez
It is more than relieving menopause symptoms… it is about building a woman’s self-esteem and self-image in preparation for the rest of her life

The Menopause Relief Advisor Program is primarily a personal development program and is a new concept that uses BRAIN Training and NLP.  It has been created specifically to target the unique challenges known only to a woman 40+.  The program removes a woman’s unwanted associations to ageing and it provides anti-ageing and wellness strategies that when implemented can teach a woman to think young and live life with passion and purpose. 

Excellence never occurs by accident. It always comes as the result of quality thinking and specific, purposeful actions.  To become a woman of substance and style she must do everything with the single purpose of achieving excellence… she must do it with the total belief and appreciation that excellence counts… that she counts and that menopause is merely a ‘stepping stone’ to becoming the person she was meant to be.

A woman 40+ must find passion in her life and this passion must come from her heart without doubt, fear or concern.  All actions must come from a sub-conscious programming of who she is NOW and she must stop, be still and know that she is ‘allowed’… no expected to live a life of total fulfilment and to be free to become the woman she wants to be without question or judgment.  To be assertive in her mind and voice so that she can accept only what builds her self-esteem and purpose.  She must possess a quiet inner knowledge that she, and who she is, is worthy of all good… and that this change when challenged with a relaxed sense of enthusiasm produces a woman with substance and style.  

Article by Guest Blogger: Susan Sheehan  www.menopausereliefadvisor.com

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