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Reasons For Night Sweats and Tips To Help.


There are many reasons for night sweats to include pregnancy, certain medications, thyroid conditions, diabetes, obesity, chemotherapy, sleep apnea and anxiety; however, the most common reason for women over the age of forty seems to be the onset of menopause. During menopause women experience hormonal changes which can cause hot flashes and night sweats.

Men can also experience night sweats due to hormonal changes called Andropuase. The good news is that certain lifestyle changes can reduce the severity of night sweats regardless of the reason.


* Be consistent with the time your retire each night
* Get at least eight hours of sleep
* Avoid alcohol at bedtime because it can cause hormone levels to spike and drop suddenly thus leading to hot flashes.
* If night sweats do strike, get up, go to the bathroom and drink a tall glass of water.
* Keep a glass of cool water on your night stand.
* Avoid spicy foods near bedtime
* Cut caffeine before bedtime because it is can trigger night sweats by raising heart rate and blood pressure
* Steer clear of sweets before bedtime because sugar increases your metabolism and in turn generates heat.
* Keep your bedroom at a cool temperature or sleep with an open window to increase air circulation.
* Change your sheets often so that you feel fresh and clean when you get into bed.
* Take a cool shower or cool bath before bedtime.
* Avoid hot tubs and jacuzzi's before bedtime.
* Review your prescription and over the counter medications with your doctor because some medications can cause nighttime sweating.
* Keep dry towels next to your bed to dry off if night sweats are severe.
* Try black cohash or vitamin E supplements. Some people tell us that these supplements could lessen the severity of hot flashes and night sweats.
* Increase your consumption of soybean products. Researchers have found that women who eat 35-40 milligrams of plant estrogen a day in the form of tofu, soymilk and other soy products seem to experience fewer hot flashes and night sweat episodes.
* Wear micro-fiber pajamas or nightgowns with wicking and quick drying properties .

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