Friday, March 28, 2008

How Sleep Effects Your Health

We all know that we need our beauty sleep each night to feel like a normal person the next day, but sometimes we have rough nights for a variety of reasons to include night sweats , hot flashes or just plain old anxiety. Now doctors at Duke University have found that poor sleep habits may make women more susceptible to diabetes and heart disease than men.

There seems to be consistent association between poor sleep and higher levels of the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes among women. Men who had trouble falling asleep or reported interrupted sleep did not show higher levels of the risk factors . Researchers believe that that men’s testosterone levels could have a protective influence. Since women do not have much testosterone, they are missing that protective link.

The study stops short of establishing that a woman can reduce her risk for these conditions just by changing her sleep pattern, but it it does encourage women to pay more attention to getting a good night’s rest. We hear so much about the health effects of good diet and exercise. It seems now that as women we should consider that a good night's rest is much more than simple beauty sleep.

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