Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hike Across Switzerland

Today I'm taking off for my hike across Switzerland. I'm  going with my sister Heidi, her partner Polly and 2 other women. This hike is in honor of my sister Heidi who recently turned 60! Both of our parents were born in Switzerland so we thought this would be an epic 60th birthday adventure. Kind of a full circle event in life....going back to my parents home country to celebrate. I know they are both smiling from above as I begin thus epic journey.

I checked the weather and it looks like we'll  have everything  from snow to sunshine. I've  never  really  hiked in snow before but do have some chainsen attachments for my hiking  boots to add traction in ice and snow. A different  way to roll for this fair weathered San Diegan!!

I'll land at the Zurich airport and take a train to Grindalwald where I will begin the hike. I have a 25 lb pack back which will carry all of my necessities for the next 2.5 weeks. I was aiming for  closer to 20 lbs but with all that cold weather gear it started  getting  heavier. Yikes I guess  I'll get  used to the pack eventually...lord knows that I looked like Dora the Explorer as I  hiked around the burbs training with my 10 lb sack of potatoes . Our end point will be Montreux. I'll send another post once I arrive in Grindalwald. Wish me luck  as I begin this big adventure.

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