Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When Are Women Most Confident?

Life does kick in at 50. Modern trends in lifestyle have shown that women in their 50s are confident, successful and leading a great life – mentally and physically. Here’s why. “The 50s can be a turbulent time,” The Daily Telegraph quoted Dr Rosie King, a sexual health physician, as saying. “But women also come into their own. They’ve faced personal and professional challenges and they understand how they want to live,” Dr King added.

“Many women rediscover their sexuality as children become more independent. And if you’re in a new relationship, you’ll also be hot to trot.” Fatigue, stress, depression, an unhappy relationship and painful sex are reasons for decreasing libido – which requires consulting with an expert. Menopause is another evil of 50s.

“Some women sail through this period. Other women have night sweats, hot flashes, feel tense, moody or tearful and describe it as a roller-coaster,” Dr King said. “Talk to family or a counselor. Exercise elevates your mood, so aim for 30 minutes of vigorous exercise a day. Yoga and meditation also help reduce menopausal symptoms. A healthy diet and exercise is a must, not just for physical health but for mental peace too.” she said.
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