Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top Men’s Holiday Gifts for 2011

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re like me, you never know what to get for that special man in your life. This year, I decided to be proactive and really do some research. I interviewed dozens of men to see what they thought would be the perfect holiday gift. Well here’s the list— not in any particular order. Happy Shopping!

Apple IPAD2

It’s amazing and so thin packed with lots of features. If she is the latest and greatest gadget girl, this is the gift for her. Visit to learn more about the IPAD2


If your man gets hot at night and he’s a traveler, you can’t go wrong with Wicking Pajamas from Cool-jams Sleepwear. They help to regulate body temperature and for travelers they are lightweight, quick drying, compact and wrinkle resistant. Visit Cool-jams online

Beer Brewing Kit

If your guy likes beer, this would be a fun gift. Who knows, you might just have the newest microbrewer in town sitting in your living room. Visit Home Brewers .


A great looking wallet is a sign of elegance. Why not get him a new cool looking wallet. My favorites are found at .


With cellphones no one really needs a watch, but a great watch is like man jewelry. It's also a sign of great style. For vintage watch options check out Leo Hamel’s. For a huge selection of watch choices go to

IPOD Touch

IPod touch plays music and videos, excels at games and apps, makes video calls, shoots HD video, and more. And now it comes in white, too. Visit to learn more

2 Tickets to a Sports Game for Your Guy and His Buddy

As you’ve probably figured out already, guy time is important to guys. Why not splurge on 2 tickets to his favorite College or Professional Sports Game . He’ll think you’re the greatest especially if you send him with his best buddy! I always go to StubHub to pick up my tickets online.

Wine of the Month Club

If your man is a wine lover, this is the gift for him. We love the selection at Flying Noodle.


A well groomed man with a nice scent is extremely sexy. Treat your man to a new scent at

50” Plasma HDTV

If your man is like my man, he loves his TV. The bigger, the better in most cases. Make sure you measure your room to see what size to purchase. If you decide on this gift, my research told me that most guys liked Sony or Panasonic brands best. Visit Sears for a great selection.

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