Monday, April 25, 2011

Is There a Vaccine To Cure Breast Cancer?

pink ribbonImage via WikipediaThe possibility of a vacinne to prevent breast cancer may be a reality in the future. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic said they've made a discovery that might lead to a cure for breast cancer.Those researchers said they've come up with a vaccine that may not only treat, but also prevent one of the cancers that women fear most.

Becca Martello has Stage 4 breast cancer, the most advanced kind. She has endured chemotherapy, a mastectomy, radiation and a hysterectomy. She said the thought that other women one day may not have to go through what she did leaves her almost speechless."I can't really believe it yet. I'm just so thrilled, goose bumps, just amazing," Martello said.

The Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Vincent Tuohy and his researchers have worked for the past eight years, testing a potential vaccine for breast cancer. Tuohy said a single vaccination prevents breast cancer tumors from forming in animals, while stopping the growth of existing tumors."Think of breast tumors as a kind of a drunks in a bar. they say things. They do things that they shouldn't do, and that's exactly what breast tumors do. They make lactation proteins," Tuohy said.The research, published in the journal "Nature Medicine," uses the vaccine to target that protein."We're waiting for money. We have the team assembled, we're ready to go and we need more funding," Tuohy said.Once the funding is in place, researchers will start recruiting patients for human trials. Something that Martello, who was just 39 when she was diagnosed, said she's ready to sign up for."I would be the first in line if I could," Martello said.Researchers at the clinic think they may be able to start the human trial phase in the next year.

Taking Action For You: The risk factors which may increase a woman's chance of getting breast cancer include, being older at the birth of your first child, starting menopause at a later age, starting menstruation at a younger age and not breastfeeding. Some researchers also said being overweight may increases your risk, especially after menopause.
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Bobby Blackwell said...

Any medical advancement to help cure or prevent breast cancer is a welcome advancement. I pray this would work.