Monday, February 1, 2010

Is Menopause A Curse Or A New Begininng

So much written about menopause is negative. I came across a wonderful positive spin on menopause written by Deborah Peers that I'd like to share with my readers.

A New Beginning

Perimenopause marks a new beginning in the 80 year lifespan of women. It is the term used to indicate the years just before menopause. If women focus on the second half of life as something to look forward to, we can potentially live a more satisfying second half of life.

A New Understanding

Perimenopause is a physical change that forces us to look at ourselves differently. For instance, hot-flashes and night sweats can serve to remind us that many people suffer the effects of overheating due to medication or other physical ailments. Experiencing hot flashes , for instance, has made me more gracious and understanding of my husband when he gets very hot. Having been thin most of my life, now that I am experiencing weight gain and middle age spread, I now have more empathy for all who struggle with their weight, as my younger sister has done. Even the irregular periods make me more aware of those who may not have been lucky enough to have regular periods, such as those with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

New Habits

How do we navigate these waters of change? By taking more control over the usual health factors such as:

1. Exercising regularly;
2. Eating a nutrient rich diet;
3. Learning to handle stress in positive ways;
4. Trying new things such as a makeover or new hairstyle;
5. Learning to grow spiritually;
6. Finally, finding a cause or service to give yourself to.

A New You

Changing your perspective can make an otherwise difficult transition much smoother and less traumatic.

Deborah Peers is a writer, the mother of sixteen children, who lives in PA with her husband and eleven minor children. Two other children are in college and three are now married. She authors a blog called Call Me Crazy…Life as the mother of sixteen kids

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