Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chewing almonds may help you keep off that menopausal weight

Thorough chewing of almonds may increase the absorption of unsaturated fat and suppress hunger for longer, according to findings from Purdue University.

Are you avoiding nuts because you think they have too many calories. Well think again. Not only are almonds as well as other nuts considered “Super Foods”, they also have been proven to increase the feeling of fullness. A recent study at Purdue University, found that by chewing almonds atleast 25 times before swallowing led to significantly more unsaturated fat than those who chewed the almonds only 10 times before swallowing. By releasing the unsaturated fat in the almonds, hunger was suppressed .

Satiety is seen as a key target in the battle against obesity . Foods that enhance feelings of fullness after eating, act as a boost to a person's will-power and help them stave off hunger pangs, or 'grazing' in between meals.

This is great news for me because one of my meals each day consists of fruit and almonds because I always seem to be on the go at some point in the day. For a menopausal woman like me, almonds are the perfect healthy and fast snack.

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