Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Cohash Can Help Night Sweats and Night Sweats

When women were told in 2002 that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increased their risk of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer, it sent them looking for safe alternatives to treat menopause symptoms and many discovered wicking sleepwear and herbs like black cohosh. Now, women are being told black cohosh isn't safe either, that it's estrogenic and disrupts hormones.

Black cohosh is not estrogenic and has no effect on hormones. It is the most researched herb for the treatment of menopause symptoms and has been shown to help reduce hot flashes, profuse perspiration, night sweats, headaches, PMS, painful menstruation, sleep disturbances, thinning of the vagina, vaginal dryness, nervousness, irritability and loss of concentration.

A study published in the March 2003 issue of the gynecological journal, Maturitas, showed that black cohosh helped reduce the symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats in women with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer taking the drug tamoxifen. The researchers stated black cohosh is a safe, effective treatment for hot flashes in those women studied, proving black cohosh is not estrogenic.

There are a few possible mild side effects sometimes reported with black cohash use. These include mild stomach upset, headache and weight problems. Nausea, stomach cramping and diarrhea occur in some sensitive individuals, but these effects usually pass after a few days or weeks of continued use.

Black Cohash is available at any health food store. If you're looking for a safe and natural product for menopausal relief, black cohash might be worth a try.

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