Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Menopause Is No Laughing Matter

THE physical changes a woman goes through in her lifetime are demanding. Men would most likely weep if they had to go through monthly periods, painful childbirth, breast feeding with cracked nipples, worrying about breast lumps and pap smears
Our Creator was not in an entirely generous mood the day he made women. He gave us just enough female hormones to last until around our 50th birthday and then mercilessly takes it away when her reproductive role has come to an end.
Menopause can leave many women feeling terible. Depression, hot flashes, night sweats poor sleep, headaches, loss of interest in sex, dry vagina, weight change and increased risk of fractured bones all add to the hardship that women have to endure.
Some women find the symptoms mild, while others are tormented and cannot enjoy life. Many women decide to try hormone therapy which can help menopausal symptoms; however like all medications there are side effects and risks. Others decide to go the natural non hormone route with soy supplements , black cohash and wicking pajamas to help with night sweats.
Talk to your doctor about what’s right for you. Whether you choose a natural remedies, hormone replacement or a combination of both ideas, there are treatments that can dramatically improve your symptoms.

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