Thursday, November 27, 2008

Random Acts Of Kindness

As I walked through my neighborhood on this rainy Thanksgiving morning, I tried to reflect on all of the things that were good in my life. My father passed away last week which brought sadness, but I also knew that the sadness was temporary and the good in my life would always be greater than the sadness.

As I walked and thought about my father's rich life, I thought about his generous and giving nature. His service and kindness brought comfort to many people's lives. Deep into my thoughts, an idea probably inspired by my father popped into my head. What if each and every day of my life I purposely went out of my way to do at least 10 random acts of kindness? What if I convinced all my friends and family to do the same thing? Wouldn't this simple effort slowly make the world become a nicer, kinder and more peaceful place? These random acts can take seconds out of our day...a smile to a stranger, the words "good job" or "I'm sorry", offering your seat on a bus to a stranger, holding a door for someone. The list is limitless. Start with yourself and those around you to bring peace and goodwill to our turbulent world.

Please pass this note on to all your friends and family to get the Random Acts Of Kindness(RAOK) momentum going. I know my dad Ernie is smiling on all of you from up above. Happy Thanksgiving !

Photo: Maria Hammon

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Marie said...

My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. These next few weeks will be hard, but you are so correct on doing something for someone else. It will lift your spirits, it will bring true joy and help with inner peace. In giving to others, you get so much more back than you ever give.

You'll make it - it may be tough at times, but you are on the right track!