Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do Men Really Go Through Menopause?

Men may laugh at the mere suggestion that they too go through menopause. The research pointing to the fact men may indeed go through a "change of life" is piling up. Age-related hormonal changes may have as much of a health impact on men as they do in women. Male menopause called andropause seems to be a reality. With women, the changes that come with menopause are sudden, but in men they're gradual, so naturally men believe that their andropause symptoms are just due to old age.

Men experience a gradual decline in the production of the testosterone beginning in the late 30’s. Generally this decrease does not create a problem, however when it does, it is completely treatable. With age, and a decrease in testosterone, there is an increase in a number of risk factors, like stress, obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

• Symptoms of andropause include: Low energy and vitality
• Lack of sexual desire or libido
• Problems with erections
• Depression, anxiety and moodiness

Often men tend to ignore these symptoms, so it is important for women to take note of the changes in their partner to ensure that they seek medical advice as soon as possible. Low testosterone levels can be a precursor to other medical problems such as increased cardiovascular risk (including type 2 diabetes), poor lipid profile and obesity, decreased bone density with increased risk of fractures, overall decrease in quality of life issues such as decreased sex drive, sleep disturbances, lack of energy, poor concentration and goal directed activity, erectile dysfunction and loss of muscle mass. If the man in your life exhibits any of the above symptoms, please encourage him to see his doctor to determine whether or not testosterone replacement would be beneficial to his health.

photo by: Florian Szillat


Anonymous said...

When I went entered into my Juicy Green Goddess Years about 10 years ago,there was no question in my mind that my now ex was also going through a powerful change. It ended with his busting up our family and going off with "the love of his life"--my former title. She died of skin cancer and he bounces around.

No question in my mind about the andropause years.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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