Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Good Is Sunlight For Your Skin?

Sunlight is perhaps one of the most abundant natural resources we have. However, when it comes to the human skin, there are varied opinions on how much sunlight is good for your skin and whether any amount of it is good at all!

Well, sunlight is of course good for the skin, but in moderate quantities. It is known to trigger off the synthesis of vitamin D within the body. However, it is a

prolonged sun exposure over long periods of time which is mainly harmful. Science proves that individuals who had been in jobs where they were exposed to long periods of time actually showed its harmful impact as much as a decade later.

The most harmful effect of excessive exposure to sunlight is the development of skin cancer. Sunburns, freckles and rashes are some of the less risky effects of such exposure to sun.

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Lauri Ann said...

It's all the talk about sunshine being so negative for us that has led to an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency. According to the research I did for my article about Vitamin D, we should be in the sun for approx. 10 min. a day, which shouldn't be too much exposure for the skin either. Of course that medical opinion will probably change tomorrow. LOL