Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Harmful Propostion Regarding Chickens...Read Carefully!

Although the election is months away, it’s important for Californians to start thinking about the issues they’ll be voting on this November. One measure in particular, Proposition 2, deserves your NO vote.

A well-funded Washington, D.C.-based special interest group has undertaken a nationwide effort to ban current safe and humane farming practices, particularly regarding housing requirements for egg-laying hens. After failing to enact these bans in six other states, this group has ignored national and statewide experts, circumvented the California State Legislature and now qualified Prop 2 for the November 4, 2008 statewide ballot.

Prop 2 would place new, extreme mandates on how egg-laying hens are housed, banning almost all modern egg production in California, which would have dangerous and expensive impacts for our state. In addition, the measure is unnecessary given that existing state laws and standards already protect animal welfare and food safety here in California.

Today’s modern housing systems, which constitute about 95 percent of U.S. egg production, were developed by leading animal scientists to ensure the fundamental components of sound animal care, providing optimal feed, light, air, water, space and sanitation for egg-laying hens.

Not only is this initiative unnecessary, it is dangerous. Banning current housing practices threatens our food safety and increases the risk of salmonella. These systems were designed to protect our eggs from salmonella and protect hens from direct contact with migratory birds, which carry Avian Influenza, Exotic Newcastle Disease and other diseases. By banning these housing systems, we’ll expose farm animals to deadly diseases and jeopardize the state’s public health.

On top of the public health risks, this measure would leave California consumers with virtually no option to buy locally produced, fresh eggs. Banning almost all modern egg production in the state would make it economically infeasible for California farmers to compete against out-of-state production. Californians would have to rely on imported eggs, trucked from thousands of miles away from other states and Mexico, where egg farmers are not subject to the same safety guidelines as California egg farmers.

Californians for SAFE Food is a broad coalition of veterinarians, public health and food safety experts, family farmers, consumers and statewide businesses and organizations including Agricultural Council of California, Armstrong Egg Farms, California Farm Bureau Federation, California Women for Agriculture and the National Animal Interest Alliance. A NO vote on Prop 2 is needed in order to protect our state’s food safety, public health and local, California-grown products.

To learn more about how you can oppose Prop 2, please visit www.safecaliforniafood.org and remember to vote NO on November 4, 2008.
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Anonymous said...

Proposition 2 is a moderate measure that stops cruel and inhumane treatment of animals — ending the practice of cramming farm animals into cages so small the animals can't even turn around or stretch their limbs. It’s supported by the Humane Society of the United States, Center for Food Safety, and the California Veterinary Medical Association.

Voting YES on Proposition 2 prevents animal cruelty, promotes food safety, supports family farmers, and protects the environment. The agribusiness interests opposing Proposition 2– masquerading as the deceptively named Californians for Safe Food – have a record of duping the public, harming animals, and polluting the environment.

Visit www.YesOnProp2.com

Anonymous said...

I was curious about the Humane Society of the United States. In my research I discovered that they do not contribute any money toward animal shelters as the name implies. In fact they are mainly a political organization masquerading as some kind of humane society. See the link below for more information. http://www.activistcash.com/organization_overview.cfm/oid/136
Also it seems that the original posted article is correct in stating that chickens in cages are much healthier than chickens in open pens. In fact there are quite a few animal experts and environmental experts against Prop 2 because of the animal health and environmental issues that surround open pens. So I guess there are pros and cons with both scenarios. See the list of organizations opposed to Prop 2:
• Association of California Veterinarians
• Mexican American Political Association
• California Grocers Association
• General Teamsters Local Union 386
• Merced County Board of Supervisors
• American College of Poultry Veterinarians
• Kern County Taxpayers Association
• California Agricultural Teachers’ Association

Anonymous said...

I have a question..I support prop 2 but am wondering if there really is going to be change? Isn't there already inspectors 'inspecting' humane environments but being conveniently paid off before? Is this proposition going to be any different?

Anonymous said...

This is a terrible proposition. It does nothing to stop caged chicken eggs from being sold in CA. In fact the way the proposition is written, any eggs from anywhere China...Mexico etc. can still be sold in CA. I also read that most of the Vets that actually deal with poultry think this proposition is not great for chicken's health. It seems that the chickens would be way more susceptible to disease if this propostion passes. If someone wants to spend $1 more per dozen for cage free eggs, they can do that now. Why does the government need to legislate this kind of thing? Unhappy chickens don't lay eggs, it seems that for most farmers the chickens are laying eggs just fine. Bottomline...this is a ridiculous proposition