Monday, June 9, 2008

Is There An Advantage to Late Menopause?

Despite the health advantages that late menopause promises many women look forward to their last period. Even if a woman misses a few periods officially menopause is not reached until a women has one period free year.

The average age of menopause is 51, according to the North American Menopause Society. Thanks to estrogen highs and lows that accompany perimenopause, which precedes menopause, many women endure symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal problems and bone loss.

Let’s face it, periods are a hassle, so many women would love to turn off the switch after they are finished having babies, but overall, late menopause is a good thing. The longer a woman maintains higher levels of estrogen the later she is subject to the corresponding osteoporosis, heart disease, strokes and wrinkles. A recent study by the Naval Medical Center in San Diego indicated that the later the menopause, the less cognitive decline later in life. Yes.. late menopause can increase the risk of breast cancer and risky late pregnancies, however the benefits of higher levels of natural estrogen tremendously outweigh the risks of late menopause.

The best predictor for your age of menopause, is your genes. If your mother was late, then chances are you will be too. So if you are one of those women who continues to experience menopausal symptoms well into your 60’s, think of all those wonderful benefits that go along with the hassle.


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