Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can Rhubarb Extract Help Menopausal Symptoms?

Did you know that a form of rhubarb-extract has actually been relieving menopausal symptoms for women is some parts of the world?

Apparently it has been in the form of a special extract from the rhubarb root called ERr-731. Studies have been going on for some time in Germany, where the root is actually listed and approved there as a remedy for constipation.

The rhubarb extract study took 109 women who were perimenopausal and experiencing frequent hot-flashes and night sweats. They were divided into two groups, with one group taking a pill containing ERr-731 in the rhubarb-extract. The other half of the women were given a placebo. These ladies participated in the study for three months.

Of this group, the ladies taking the extract clearly reported fewer hot-flashes within the first month. The ladies taking the placebo reported no change in their condition. There appeared to be no negative side effects.

The special extract does not contain any estrogen or other type of hormone. There is no clear reason for what reduced the night sweats and hot flashes, so researchers feel that further study is required. All they know is that it seems to work.

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